Who we are

Vaasavi is a third year studying Economics at Carnegie Mellon University. She has been involved in the Student Senate, Student Life, Moneythink, and Counterpoint.
Aaron is a junior computer science major with a minor in music. On campus, Aaron is a four-time teaching assistant for 15-122, president of Delta Tau Delta, and has served in various student government and senate roles.

Why we care


In her time at Carnegie Mellon, Vaasavi has always wanted to make student's lives better. After working with administration on the University Strategic Plan, she realized that students were missing a vital part of their Carnegie Mellon Experience: the infrastructure to be innovators and leaders outside of the classroom. Since then, she has worked to create environments encouraging students to think of ways to change campus for the better. In her work as CA of E Tower, she created a thinly-veiled incentive structure for students to engage with the outside community. She wants to bring this to the overall CMU community to make permanent improvements to campus.


When Aaron first came to Carnegie Mellon, he took up as many opportunities to try new things and engage with the campus as possible. He felt that he grew and learned far more outside the classroom. Not everyone takes that same path. More than anything else, students are forced to prioritize at Carnegie Mellon, and that is the cause of a lot of stress. But students should not have to make that choice. Engaging and exploration with the campus outside the classroom should be an integral part of the Carnegie Mellon experience.

How we will help

Fiscal Transparency

As students, we deserve to know where our tuition is going, how our administrators are getting paid and about the university's spending. Aaron and Vaasavi have read CMU's tax forms, so you don't have to. Additionally, we are constantly asked for donations, yet it's not always clear where that money is used. Look out for infographics on our Facebook page! #financefridays

The Model for Social Change

If we're going to change the world, we might as well get started. We call it the President's Initiative--the common thread of the CMU experience that we have the power to change. Vaasavi and Aaron propose to mobilize club presidents around a common issue, and reward the clubs and organizations that provide innovative cultural solutions on our campus.

Student Government Transparency

It shouldn't be normal that no one knows what Student Government Executives do. The Student Body President should make an effort to be present and available to all students, and regularly inform the student body on what they're up to. Vaasavi and Aaron propose making all student organization transactions public, a weekly column in the Tartan, and going beyond the constitutionally required SBP office hours in highly trafficked areas of campus, so there are no barriers to being informed.

Our team

Olivia Roy - Chief of Staff

I've known Aaron since we were freshmen in E-Tower. We and our friends would sit on the floor of his room and talk about how we had grown since high school. As introspective as those conversations are, I don't want to just talk anymore, I want to do something. Vaasavi has a compelling call to action, and the leadership qualities that we need in a Student Body President. I'm proud to support Vaas and Aaron because they don't just want to talk about how CMU has changed us, but how we can change CMU.

Zach Newman - Recruitment

I support Vaasavi because from our first meeting, I knew how much passion she has for this school and how much she is able to make positive change. After conversations with her about deep rooted issues we face as students, I realized the importance to have a leader who understands so many different cultures within the student body to make our four years at Carnegie Mellon more meaningful, impactful, and positive. Despite her humility, I fully believe Vaasavi fits that role and I am proud to be a part of her campaign.

Srishti Jain - Public Relations

I'm tired of merely talking about social change, and am ready for students at Carnegie Mellon to actually make change. I believe Vaasavi and Aaron are the best candidates to facilitate these changes. With their experience, ambition, and thoughtfulness, I know they have the ability to improve the lives of the CMU student body. After witnessing Vaasavi and Aaron in Student Senate for the past few years, I can confidently say Vaasavi and Aaron will be meaningful and transparent with their initiatives.

Bettina Chou - Designer

The CMU design curriculum has instilled upon me a habit of looking at problems as systems on various scales and looking for entry points to resolve certain problem spaces. So, hearing Vaasavi's approach, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the methods in econ/finance tackled issues in a similar, yet more empirical way. Combined with her intrinsic compassion and empathy, I am confident in her solution-oriented mindset. I support her and Aaron because I believe they will create effective solutions with a purpose as opposed to temporary band-aid solutions.

Have questions? Let's chat

Please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to talk over coffee or tea.